Cal hoops is OK--and that is not OK!


When Cal loses the next three games they play, the Golden Bears will finish the season at .500 If they qualify for the N.I.T post-season tournament, and fall, they will wind up one game under. Last year the Berkeley boys finished one game below as well. Ordinary, you say? Average, you opine? Fighting words! thunders, a website devoted to the simple belief that, "Mediocrity must end!".<

And that slogan is actually the most stirring of the ten theses our webguy has nailed to the door of Haas Pavillion. If ending a decade of pedestrian college basketball does not stir the blue and gold blood boiling in Cal hearts, I'm skeptical that the second charge, "Strength of Schedule Out of Conference" will cause a march on Sproul Hall either. (So as not to be an irresponsible shit stirrer, I'd best save the last two crimes against basketball "Not developing his bigs" and "Richard Midgely's minutes" as a snarky parenthetical aside, rather than place them provocatively into the main body of this piece). Our bitter Bear wants fans to clog up the media with 200 word missives and hostile calls into sportstalk radio to denounce the averageness that is Cal.

Braun and the Golden Bears have managed to fly well under the radar (and the front page fold). They don't go far in the NCAA when they go, nor do they fall as hard as the meager Beavers of Oregon State (0-16 in the Pac-10 this year). Cal doesn't get on television or probation, it doesn't fill the gym or the police blotter. They are in a word…Mediocre. And if that fires your ire…well, there's another website you ought to visit right about now…. — Kibby Kleiman