Cal Cops Raid Long Haul



From the Berkeley Daily Planet comes news that UC Berkeley police have raided the Long Haul/Infoshop, the venerable South Berkeley anarchist organizing center. Police officers entered the Shattuck Avenue store from the rear, guns drawn, and seized thirteen computers and documents that police believe contain evidence of several felonies.

What could the cops have been looking for? Well, the Long Haul has a decades-long history of lefty activism. Organizers have used the building to plan anti-war demos, run pirate radio stations, publish the anarchist newspaper Slingshot, and sell medical marijuana. But seeing as how reports that at least one federal agent was present during the raid, we're guessing the police were looking for evidence about the local animal rights movement. Over the last several years, the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front have been connected with several bombing and arson attacks, including a bombing at Emeryville's Chiron lab and a recent attack in Santa Cruz. In Berkeley, other animal rights activists have set up occasional vigils outside the homes of UC Berkeley animal researchers. This sounds a little more serious than Berkeley Liberation Radio.