B.Y.O.Boombox to Oakland's Pants Pants Pants show

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Oakland electronic rock act Pants Pants Pants [Link to P3 MySpace and their actual site]have noisy plans for their January 26 show at Bottom of the Hill. They seek anyone with boomboxes or radios of any shape for a "total immersion surround-sound experience" at the small, indie-rock venue. The band will broadcast unique parts of songs via FM transmitter to radios and boomboxes in the audience. "This new venture expands on the band's recent practice of placing and independent programmed third channel amplifier in the rear of the clubs they play." This type of audio stunt echoes the Flaming Lips' experiments with multitracked music presented via a multitude of car stereos [See the Lips's wikipedia entry for "parking-lot experiments" and then later, "boombox experiments".] But no biggie. It sounds like the kind of thing you can bring your out-of-town friends to as further proof that your town is cooler, weirder, and more innovative than their town.