Buzzkillers Unite: 'Before legalizing, think of the children, ... and terrorists'



Now that Tax Cannabis 2010 is going before voters on November 2, 2010, its opponents have emerged from the pockets of special interest lobbies for booze and cops. There's your trusty standbys like John Lovell, the lobbyist for the state Police Chiefs Association, the Narcotics Officers Association, and the Peace Officers Association. Lovell also used to lobby for booze during a stint working for Gallo Winery. Go booze!

But the volunteer groups are more fun: Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana announced their formation March 25 in a press release saying legalizing cannabis for personal use by adults will lead to “increased high school dropouts, gangs, crime, drugged driving, and a myriad of [sic] other social problems.” Little more than a name, a grammatically incorrect press release and a cheap website template, CALM cites a 2009 RAND Corp. study as their only source. But look at that study, which concludes right up at the top “there is an insufficient amount of information available on which to base a decision [on legalization] at this time.”

My favorite has to be the Opposition to the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative 2010 who's website (see screenshot) asks:

“Will legalizing Marijuana place our National Security at risk? We think so. It has been proven that Marijuana use causes memory loss. How will California defend itself in a newly intoxicated condition? - Not very well. Marijuana use causes poor judgment and forgetfulness. Marijuana blocks pain receptors, causing emotional and metabolic instability. Can we afford to be this irresposnible [sic] and have a casual attitude about Marijuana in a world haunted by the lessons we have to learn each day from terror?”

Legalize pot and the terrorists win? That's just “awseome”.

NipItInTheBud2010 takes the terror angle
  • Screenshot b David Downs
  • NipItInTheBud2010 takes the terror angle

Lastly there's the new: Public Safety First campaign committee to oppose Tax Cann 2010. They've roped in Mothers Against Drunk Driving who worry over an increase in drugged driving. Heading the campaign strategy team is Wayne Johnson of the Wayne Johnson Agency who counts Governor Schwarzenegger and Steve Poizner amongst his former clients. Wednesday April 7, Public Safety First announced the California Bus Association has joined their opposition campaign. We're assuming the newly formed delivery service The Canny Bus is asking for its dues back.