Buttercup Starts a Free-Sweets Club



Who's up for free dessert? In this economy, a brownie or sundae or slice of pie that costs nothing is really quite something.

Starting this week, the Oakland-based Buttercup Grill & Bar is launching its new Loyalty Club, aka the Crispy Creamy Chewy Crunchy Dessert of the Month Club. At the family-owned restaurant group's five locations — two in Oakland, one in Walnut Creek, one in Concord, and one in Vallejo — anyone wishing to join the club can fill out a "loyalty card." After each subsequent visit and with a minimum purchase of $8, the card is stamped. On the tenth visit, the cardholder scores a free dessert. Cardholders are also entitled to free desserts on their birthdays.

That dessert's identity changes every thirty days or so, as a different choice from the Buttercup's menu is featured every month for club giveaways. Executive chef/owner and avid baker Debbie Shahvar devised the dessert menu, which includes her signature upside-down apple-walnut pie, chocolate banana-bread pudding, and more.