Brilliant Reason to Drink: BoozeTube



You share your favorite YouTube videos with your friends online; why not share them together at a bar and drink while you're at it? That's the idea behind BoozeTube, a new event launching Tuesday, Feb. 22, at The Lone Star Saloon (1354 Harrison St.) in San Francisco. The event, started by Kevin Seaman and local musician Derek Schmidt (of the band All My Pretty Ones), will screen prior-chosen YouTube videos on multiple screens, including "commentary, self-righteous judging, collective groaning, new music, and bitchin' drink specials!" Schmidt says the event will be emceed, but they're still figuring out the format. To submit your favorite YouTube video, email it to "with your name, turns ons, etc. Witticisms always welcome."


When: Tuesday, February 22 · 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Where: The Lone Star Saloon, 1354 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA