Bridge to Tunnel: How Long Is Your Commute?


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Are you the kind of person who'll think something like, "Hey, I wonder how long it takes to drive from the Caldecott Tunnel to the Bay Bridge," so you check the time on the dashboard clock, but by the time you reach the bridge you have no idea what time it was when you first looked at the clock? And you feel kind of dumb, and frustrated with your ridiculously low-powered memory, and wonder if your brain is aging far too quickly?

Well, here's your answer to the tunnel to bridge quandary: Just under ten minutes. At least, that's how long it took the person who filmed this video to traverse the distance, battling rain drops and an angry gray sky all the while. Note to filmmaker: How about pairing the oddly engaging video with an energetic soundtrack next time instead of NPR? Query to regular commuters: How much would you kill for a regular commute that looked like this?