Boxer and Brown Leading in New Polls



Democrats Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown both enjoy solid leads in two new polls from Public Policy Polling, a respected national pollster. Boxer has a strong eight-point advantage over Carly Fiorina 50 to 42 percent, while Brown is beating Meg Whitman by five points, 47 percent to 42 percent. Brown has made up ground on Whitman this month after finally launching his campaign. She had been ahead in several polls, but even Fox News poll has the race dead even now.

The strong showing by the state’s two top Democratic candidates also mirrors an apparent turnaround of the party’s political fortunes in the past week. At least five national pollsters, including Gallup, are reporting that Democrats are now in a dead heat with Republicans as the November Election approaches. According to Gallup, President Obama’s approval ratings also have improved in recent weeks. The turnaround is good news for Democrats and if it continues, it will greatly enhance their chances of maintaining both houses of Congress this year.