Book by Its Cover(s): Easy Star All-Stars' Radiodread



Radiodread's appeal is not so much in its cover (art) as in its covers: a track-by-track reggae replication of Radiohead's OK Computer. Reggae covers are nothing new, but Radiohead? Can this possibly work? Most everyone should recognize the big names on the back -- Sugar Minott ("Exit Music (for a Film)") and Toots & the Maytals ("Let Down"). But is that enough to save this collection from novelty? Contrary to customary Book by Its Cover practice, we had to give Radiodread a spin to find out. The results are enjoyable, if confounding. Open-minded Radiohead and reggae fans -- plus the simply curious -- should get a real kick out of Radiodread, even if it's no easier to pin down than the original. Really, that's a compliment to both Radiohead and the Easy Star All-Stars. Returning next Wednesday: more judging of albums by their art.