Bonnie & Clyde Spawning?



For the first time since the 1960s, a pair of steelhead trout (dubbed Bonnie and Clyde) may be spawning in the Alameda Creek watershed. The news comes from Jeff Miller of the Alameda Creek Alliance. On Feb. 26, the pair was spotted trying to jump a weir that protects an elevated BART line near Fremont. They were netted, fitted with radio tags, and released upstream in Stonybrook Creek in Niles Canyon, where they've recently been exhibiting spawning behavior, says the Alliance's press release. Restoration of Alameda Creek has been a decades-long process, but Miller says he thinks residents may see increasing numbers of salmon and steelhead "spawning in their backyard creeks" within a few years. Construction of a fish ladder at the weir and another location to allow the fish to swim upstream on their own is planned for completion by 2010.