Bongs Made from Pineapples and Ballcocks: New Book from Berkeley Publisher Tells How



A six-barrel bong, a beer-keg bong, and bodacious bongs, hookahs, and pipes made from traffic cones, pineapples, fruit-juice boxes, musical instruments, drainpipes, and more: In his how-to book Bongology, new from Berkeley's Ten Speed Press (which is now part of Random House), Spliffigami author Chris Stone is back with ideas and instructions for "creating 35 of the world's most bongtastic marijuana ingestion devices." Most of the projects look surprisingly easy.

"If you're unfortunate enough to have an uncool career working for the Man ... why not recycle your coffee cup into a discreet bong?" This can be done, we learn, with a bit of tape and foil and two ballpoint pens.

Each project includes ratings for its "hit power" (potency), "freaky factor" (complexity of design), smoothness/feel/taste, and building time. A matchbox pipe, for instance, takes only three minutes to make, while a ballcock bong (made with that rubber device crucial to the functioning of toilets) takes twenty. "Pimp your ballcock," Stone suggests, "by painting it yellow and adding a black smiley face."

As for the bong made from a realistic toy pistol, Stone muses: "If you're like me, you've probably still got a box full of toy guns from your childhod stored in your attic — maybe it's being taught the Second Amendment in high school that makes it so we can't bear to thtow them away. If you don't have one, buy one at a garage sale."