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Blank Map

At Dance Mission Theatre.


Throughout June, the National Queer Arts Festival and its extensive programming will once again bless the Bay Area. This year, programming includes Blank Map, a performance by a temporary collective of Black artist-performer-musicians: Adee Roberson of Black Salt Collective and Tropic Green; Brontez Purnell of Brontez Purnell Dance Company; and The Younger Lovers, intersectional metaphysics scholar Tasha Ceyan, San Francisco Art Insitutute contemporary art assistant professor Sampan Aranke; and artists Wizard Apprentice, Stephanie Anne Johnson, and Keyon Gaskin. Through movement and sound, the interdisciplinary super-group will explore shared narratives, ruptures in time, and metaphysics with “Black abstractions influenced by punk, queer, and feminism.” The show is being produced by the celebrated and avant-garde Keith Hennessy though his Circo Zero Performance and will take place at Dance Mis-sion Theater (3316 24th St., San Francisco) from June 3–5 and 10–12. Considering the talent involved, it will surely be an explosive collaboration.

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