Bigotry Alive and Well in Bay Area



Tribune columnist Bryon Williams makes a strong case for why Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis should be recalled following Davis’ anti-gay slurs in an interview with the New York Times. Davis told the Times that gays are “committing sin and that sin will keep them out of heaven.” He went on to add: “But you don’t hate the person. You hate the sin they commit.”

The controversy surrounding the mayor also has re-exposed the divide between gays and lesbians and African Americans. Davis is black and scores of black residents came out to support him at a meeting earlier this week, while the gay and lesbian community has strongly denounced him.

Bigotry among some African Americans also played a significant role in the passage of Proposition 8 last year, the statewide initiative that banned gay marriage in California. That’s another reason for why Trib columnist Williams, who is black, deserves credit for his strong piece today.