"Big Dirty" San Leandro Detective Busted Dealing Pound of Pot



The California Narcotic Officers' Association might be one of the most active anti-legalization lobbies in the state. But some of their members have turned out to be pretty active dope dealers. Yet another California narcotics officer, this time in San Leandro, faces charges for selling weed. Per the Chron:

"Detective Jason Fredriksson, 38, allegedly provided more than a pound of marijuana to the informant, who intended to sell it, police said. Fredriksson plans to surrender today on a $50,000 warrant charging him with transporting and furnishing marijuana for sale, a felony, his attorney said."

It also sounds like the police are alleging Fredriksson — who goes by the nickname 'Big Dirty' and is married to a San Leandro police dispatcher — was having a "improper relationship" with the informant.

Fredriksson's case joins a constellation of Bay Area narcotic officer corruption stories this year.