Bey IV Is Both a Killer and a Lunatic



And, oh yeah, there's that mortgage fraud angle. First, let's start with the main news: A grand jury has indicted Yusuf Bey IV, the former CEO of the now defunct Your Black Muslim Bakery, on charges of ordering the murder of three men, including journalist Chauncey Bailey. According to both the Chron and the Chauncey Bailey Project, Bey is also charged with the special circumstance of multiple murder, making him eligible for the death penalty. The project also reports that Bey, who appears to have avoided prosecution until now because of his friendship with the former lead investigator in the case, helped convince bakery associates Devaughndre Broussard and Antoine Mackey to assassinate Bailey and the other two men by promising to "teach them how to file fraudulent loan applications that could reap hundreds of thousands of dollars." In late 2007, the project reported that Bey and other bakery associates were likely making money on similar mortgage fraud schemes during the housing boom. Now, that's what I call a story: the murder of a journalist, police corruption, and the mortgage/housing crisis all mixed into one. But that's not all.

Bey IV is also stark raving mad. In an eye-opening piece also out today, the project reports that Bey considers himself to be God in the flesh and that once he's exonerated from wrongdoing, he'll become a top adviser to President Obama. The president, you see, sent Bey a secret message by wearing a red tie at his inauguration. Bey revealed these wild, over-the-top claims -- and others -- in a series of taped phone calls from jail that were obtained by the project. So, what else did he say? Well, there's this "mother ship" that orbits the earth and keeps in contact with him. That's apparently what happens when you grow up in a home in which your father's favorite past-time was raping young girls. Can anyone say, "Insanity defense?"