Best Whiskey Sour

Bar Three Fifty-Five

The Irish called whiskey Uisce beatha, which translates to the water of life. Essentially: perfection. Using that logic, if you're going to mess with perfection there had better be a damn good reason. When Bar Three Fifty-Five pours a whiskey sour, it improves on perfection by paying attention to detail. Made in house, its sour mix is anything but the Kool-Aid overkill that sells at supermarkets for $5 a gallon. It has a slightly higher viscosity than the whiskey and it's truly sour, giving a nice punch to the drink. Diluted with a little soda water, it doesn't overpower even the gentlest of whiskeys. A nice finishing flourish, the house-made brandied cherries again bypass the saccharin flavor and instead bring a small touch of sweetness that soaks up the sour and whiskey to turn it into a maroon ball of post-drink heaven. Even its ice is perfectly clear and square. Bar Three Fifty-Five's handling of this classic cocktail turns even a well whiskey into an extraordinary one.

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