Best Way to Clog Your Arteries

Oxtail Poutine at Chop Bar

Popularized by Montreal fast-food joints and the (usually drunk) people who love them, poutine is, at its most basic, French fries stuffed into a paper cone and covered with gravy and cheese curds. In other words, it is literally deep-fried carbohydrates covered in two different kinds of animal fat. And, as such, nobody needed to make it more decadent. But the folks from Chop Bar, bless their hearts, did it anyway: The Jack London brasserie's take on poutine classes it up a couple notches by taking a bowlful of thick-cut, perfectly crisp French fries, topping them with a generous pile of rich, salty, locally sourced oxtail and a dusting of diced onions and herbs, and surrounding the whole thing with a moat of melty boutique cheddar. If your mouth isn't watering yet, you're not paying attention.

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