Best Use of Bacon

Caramel Bacon Bread Pudding at Café Q

The bacon backlash may be in full force (see the recent expulsion of the Bacon Bacon truck from its Upper Haight HQ after its "porcine aroma" offended neighbors, or any number of food-blog trend listicles) but here's the thing: Bacon tastes really, really good — no matter where, exactly, we are on the spectrum between buildup, backlash, and backlash to the backlash, and especially when it's prepared by a talented chef and used in unexpected ways. Case in point: Café Q's utterly addictive Caramel Bacon Bread Pudding, in which a thick, well-spiced, impossibly dense bread pudding is studded with chunky pieces of bacon and generously drizzled with caramel, for a salty, sweet, smoky gut-bomb-in-a-good way dessert that you'll continue eating long after you get, invariably, very full. It's a beautiful thing: The holy union of sweet and savory, of bacon and bread, of one kind of animal fat with, ah, another kind of animal fat. Backlash be damned.

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