Best Unconventional Waffles

Sfoof's Woofle Cafe

Meals and desserts rolled into one, waffles are sweet but not too sweet. They're light, fluffy, and warm, with spaces begging to be filled. At Sfoof's, where they're called "woofles," they can be filled with oodles of different sweet or savory delights, and oodles more can be baked right into the batter. Customers choose, Cold Stone Creamery-style, from among 27 choices including pecans, coffee beans, chocolate, cheesecake, almonds, blueberries, Fruity Pebbles, hummus, pesto, olives, cinnamon, allspice, bananas, beefy chili, garlic, and Armenian sujuk sausage. Owner Hoda Cox grew up in Lebanon, in a diplomat's household where huge banquets were frequent affairs — and where she learned to cook from her mother, who baked for such celebrities as Dwight Eisenhower. Chocolate woofles-on-a-stick are Fudge Puppies; their savory, woofle-swathed meat-and-cheese cousins are Pesto Pups, Bacon Pups, and Corn Pups. Cox uses only local, organic ingredients — and gluten-free woofles are an extra plus.

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