Best Tibetan-Nepalese-Bhutanese Restaurant

Tashi Delek

The cuisine of Central Asia doesn't get a ton of attention in the Bay Area, but that's mostly due to lack of familiarity. We can't think of a better place for the East Bay's food-obsessed to get familiar with the momos, datsis, and thuks of the world than this quiet El Cerrito restaurant. Once given a proper introduction, who wouldn't fall in love with Tashi Delek's soul-warming thain thuk (soupy Tibetan hand-torn noodles), piping-hot fried meat buns, and superior momos (steamed dumplings native to both Nepal and Tibet)? And how will you ever know if you're susceptible to the pungent charms of the Bhutanese specialty known as shamu datsi — mushrooms cooked in blue-cheese-and-hot-chili-pepper sauce — if you never give it a try?

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