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Coffee Conscious

What? Great tea from an independent local coffee merchant? You bet. We're talking great loose leaf tea that's half the price of Peet's and twice as tasty. (Don't get us started on Starbucks' sad attempts at tea.) At Coffee Conscious, run by a genial Chinese grandmother, you'll find two-dozen killer loose-leaf black teas, from Gunpowder to Ceylon to decaf apricot. Especially noteworthy: a mellow lychee black tea that's fragrant without being sissy, and a full-bodied decaf English Breakfast. You can't beat the prices: Four ounces will cost you $3.05 to $4.40. (Compare that to Peet's, which charges $6.45 and up for the same amount.) Coffee lovers note: Coffee Conscious also sells a dozen different coffees by the bean.

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