Best Sushi on a Budget

Geta Japanese Restaurant

As amazing as this may sound, there is inexpensive food on Piedmont Avenue. It's not only inexpensive, it's sushi. Geta Japanese Restaurant isn't a place to go if you want a fancy sushi experience, but if you don't mind waiting in line to grab one of the few tables or stools cramped into the small restaurant, the rewards are well worth the wait and the sacrifice of space. Geta offers around ten different sushi rolls for $5 or under, like a California Roll with imitation crab and avocado or Spicy Avocado Tuna roll for $4.50. And the sushi is surprisingly good for the price. Geta is also geared for to-go orders (probably because of its size), so it's inexpensive, quick, and portable. You really can't beat this place if you want to satisfy that sushi fix on a budget (depending on how much you want to grub down) and from the comfort of your couch while watching an A's game.

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