Best Subverted Take on a Classic

Trout BLT at Sea Salt

As much as we enjoy a traditional BLT — especially in late summer, when tomatoes are at their peak — the idea of a Bacon, Lettuce, and Idaho Trout sandwich is quite simply a stroke of genius. At Berkeley's Sea Salt, they take crisp bacon, herbaceous arugula, a perfectly pan-fried fillet of skin-on Idaho trout and — the real kicker — slow-roasted tomatoes (delicious even out of season), and put it all on a soft torpedo roll. The result is as perfectly balanced and addictive a sandwich as you're ever likely to taste. The invention of former-chef Anthony Paone, the trout BLT is still a standby on Sea Salt's oft-changing menu, and we're pleased to report that it's still sublime. In the general category of updated (and transcendent) versions of classic sandwiches, Sea Salt has also been known to serve a mean eel banh mi.

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