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Home recording ended the era of epic studios from coast to coast. Even EMI is selling Abbey Road. Only the strongest survived, and atop that list sits Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Jeremy Goody's Oakland-based production facility, Megasonic. Alongside a handful of talented engineers, Goody provides music recording to those who want to get out of their home setups, plus mixing and mastering for all the bedroom producers out there. Megasonic also handles voice recording and production, plus publishing and licensing services, sound design, dialog editing, and other services for advertising, film, television, and games. Designed by TEC Award-winning Pelonis Sound and Acoustics, the three-room space has been in operation for more than twenty years, earning a 2009 Grammy nomination for La Guerra No by John Santos and the Coro Folklórico Kindembo. The kids might've heard Megasonic's work on former Oakland label Anticon's samplers or Anticon artists Odd Nosdam, Subtle, as well Brightblack and big names like Disney and Cartoon Network.

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