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Big Al's Smoke Shop

Berkeley has declared itself a safe haven for medical marijuana patients and even responsible adult users, and Big Al's Smoke Shop on Telegraph Avenue represents the best smoke shop in the mighty college town. Weed paraphernalia has graduated beyond the color-changing pipes sold at Dead shows. Big Al's has those, and about fifty of the biggest brand names in international designer glassware, like ROOR, Toro, Illadelph, JBD, Lux, and Zong. Big Al's is also keeping pace with the concentrates craze, offering nails, globes, skillets, and other accoutrements, not to mention "concentrators" by Sheldon Black. Big Al's keeps a pretty low profile, though. It doesn't have a web page, and offers barely any new information online. To compensate, the staff does its best to get to know regulars and anticipate their needs. Big Al's carries a wide selection, from $5 packs of pipe cleaners to the $500 PHX with a honeycomb diffuser, percolator, and splash guard.

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