Best Slang Originator

Lil B

It remains a point of contention whether Berkeley rapper Lil B was — or is — the godfather of the swag movement. At any rate, he's one of its main proponents. Known for his stream-of-consciousness raps and delirious stage performances, Lil B generated a whole cult of fandom based on his "cooking" dance (an extravagant ballet for the upper body only), his overexposed Twitter account, and his prodigious use of the term "swag." To top it all off, Lil B raised more than a few eyebrows with the marketing campaign for his next album. The title? I'm Gay. But, like, not in a gay way, said the avowedly heterosexual emcee. Whether or not Lil B has real staying power remains to be seen. He cut his teeth as a member of famed hyphy group The Pack, yet he hopes to supersede hyphy in his solo career. So far, fans have bought into it.

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