Best Savory Brunch


Fuck pancakes. For those born without a sweet tooth — or those who just want a brunch that'll fill 'em up without giving them a sugar high and a toothache before 10 a.m. — get thee to Shakewell, Top Chef alumna Jen Biesty's light-filled temple to fresh, inventive, Mediterranean-inflected food. Sure, Biesty pays lip service to sweet brunch dishes, but she really shines when she's serving up savory, salty, fill-you-up fare like shakshuka, fried plantain-and-parmesan frittata, smoked salmon tartine, or — best of all — a pair of savory chickpea cakes topped with perfectly poached eggs, bright romesco sauce, fresh herbs, and Spanish chorizo — like falafel for breakfast or eggs benedict turned up to 11; either way, it's like nothing you've ever tasted.

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