Best Reinvented Fast-Food Joint

Oralia's Kitchen

Launched in the site of a former Louisiana Fried Chicken, Oralia's Kitchen took a generic fast-food menu and replaced it with something a whole lot more interesting: a mix of scratch-made Salvadoran homestyle dishes and Mexican taqueria standards, plus a couple of original fusion creations that wouldn't be out of place at a trendy gourmet food truck. The Fried "Chickurrito" is brilliant stoner food — Cajun-spiced fried chicken strips, sour cream, seasoned rice, and chipotle cream sauce, all wrapped up in a tight flour-tortilla bundle. For traditionalists, Oralia's offers some of the best, and most authentic, home-cooked Salvadoran dishes in the East Bay: fluffy, well-charred loroco pupusas; Salvadoran-style pork empanadas; and breakfast burritos stuffed with plantains and scrambled eggs. Oralia's recently moved, and, as of press time, the owners were only serving a stripped-down deli menu while they set up their new kitchen. But if all goes according to plan, the Chickurrito — and all of the restaurant's other unique, tasty offerings — will soon rise again.

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