Best Reason to Eat at Home

Belotti Bottega

Just about any food can be delivered to your door, but not every dish holds up well to packaging, sitting, and traveling. When you finally receive that tepid, soggy gyro with limp fries, you're met with the cruel knowledge that you could have driven 15 minutes to the actual restaurant and had a far better experience. Enter Belotti Bottega, the petite pasta shop selling the same amazing dishes as Belotti Ristorante. While snagging a table at the restaurant requires advanced planning, you can easily order delivery or takeout from the bottega at most hours of the day. Choose plain fresh pasta shapes with classic sauces, or go for Belotti's fully composed favorites, such as the richly beefy agnolotti di Lidia, the dual prosciutto-pancetta action of the casoncelli, or simple-but-perfect lasagna — they all manage to taste just as wonderful on your couch.

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