Best Power-Lunch Noodle Soup

Vien Huong Restaurant

If it's a quick, filling, affordable, and delicious lunch you seek during the workweek, look no further than Vien Huong. The house special, aka the Chow Jew Ho Fun, is one of the best noodle soups in Chinatown. The star here is the clear, light chicken broth, which you can season to your liking with chili, sriracha, hoisin, vinegar, and Vien Huong's house-made chili sauce, which is fishy and pungently delicious. The broth comes with several kinds of meat, including shrimp, fish cakes, and chicken, as well as rice noodles of your choosing (thin, flat, or thick). With long cafeteria-style tables, Vien Huong is ideal for the solo diner looking to get in and get out. There are a host of other enticing items on the menu, but when the noodle soup is this great, it's hard to want anything else.

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