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The Temporary Bookstore

Mono no aware is Japanese term referring to the beautiful impermanence of all things. Whether he knows it or not, bookseller Scott Nanos has embraced the concept fully. His bookstore, The Temporary Bookstore, is currently operating inside of what is still, nominally, Rise Above Graphics, an art gallery in the Temescal district that closed late last year to make way for an impending condo development. But Rise Above's owner, and the developer who will eventually demolish the building, are letting Nanos stay until the development begins. The bookstore's temporary state is sad, because Nanos offers such a great selection of classic literature, philosophy, sci-fi, and even some signed classics and first editions. And, for a bookseller, Nanos is unusually affable. So don't let time slip away; pay Mr. Nanos a visit, if only for a chat. After all, some of the sweetest things in life are fleeting. Mono no aware.    

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