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International Freakout A Go-Go

Sure, Special Lord B, Mark Ghergis, Bobby Ganush, Brack-Attack, and their DJ cohorts regularly appear behind the decks of Club Internationale at the Knockout in San Francisco, and at various international dance nights and soul parties at other SF clubs and bars. But if you're going to shake your maracas to everything that 1960s and 1970s (and beyond) Earth had to offer the dance floor, it's far better to do so in random party spaces Oakland-side. As they put it, it's "not your dad's world music" — it's French surf rock, Southeast Asian funk, South American psychedelia, Middle Eastern disco, Euro-go-go, and a million other hip-shaking strains your booty never dreamed existed. And it's just all the more easy to forget where and when you are if you can't remember the name of the joint in the first place, right? The music is nonstop, the dancing is irresistible, and the accompanying visuals are truly transporting.

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