Best Place to Watch Fire-Spinning

Dog Shit Park at the Vulcan Lofts

Once a smelting plant, the sprawling steampunkian splendor of the Vulcan Lofts is home to painters, writers, and a gaggle of devotees of the circus arts. Peek your head inside one of the studios and you're likely to find a bed of nails lying on the ground or a trapeze dangling from the ceiling. Dog Shit Park, the aptly named green/brown space adjacent to the Vulcan Lofts, provides a place not only for dogs to defecate, but also a convenient venue for members of the Vulcan's fire-spinning community to practice their craft. Which means that on clear nights, Dog Shit Park is one of the best places to catch world-class fire-spinning acts — think flaming staffs, flaming nunchukus, and flaming bolas. If it can ignite and spin, you'll likely see it at Dog Shit Park. And if you get too close, don't worry: Eyebrows grow back.

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