Best Place to Restore While Helping Kids Chill

Gaia Yoga

Who doesn't need some deep relaxation these days? Restorative yoga, which focuses on floor poses using plenty of props, won't leave you dripping with sweat. But it will help balance and realign you. (Snoring has been heard during class. No one minds.) Gaia Yoga in Point Richmond offers restorative classes with British-born Jewel Young Barrette, who combines sound healing and her lovely singing with the practice, and Rome native Giulia Divina, in whose classes Italy meets India. Formerly Mindful Life Yoga, this small but charming studio continues to donate a portion of its proceeds to the Mindful Life Project, which in 2017-18 has helped more than 10,000 students in 22 Richmond, San Pablo, Oakland, Rodeo, and Crockett schools learn mindfulness techniques. So, lying on the floor relaxing is also helping kids focus and learn with calm intent. You're not dreaming — or maybe you are.

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