Best Place to Make Your Sweet Plantains Savory


What's not to like about sweet plantains? With their pleasing, starchy texture and softness to the bite, it's no wonder they're a staple of Latin American cuisine. Though the tendency could be to treat them as a dessert, if you're a fan of sweet and savory, there's another option to bring them over to the savory side. Plátano in Berkeley offers orders of plantains that come with wells of refried beans and sour cream. The saltiness of the beans and the tang of the sour cream is a great combination with the plantain's sweetness and texture. Sure, it's perfectly possible to mix little slices of plantain in with your tamales, ensaladas, and other savory foods for a similar effect, but if you want to take it up a notch, the plantains-beans-sour cream combination is just the ticket. And at just $7.25 an order, the price is not bad either.

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