Best Place To Kick Off Your Wrestling Career

Stoner U

Amateur wrestling is where anyone desperate to become the next Rock will inevitably have to start their career. But anyone who's ever seen a local amateur wrestling show knows that even these "amateurs" are incredibly talented. It can be intimidating! So, what's the quick and relatively pain-free method of fast-tracking a pro-wrestling career? In Oakland, there's a wrestling school, Stoner U, where the Stoner Brothers (ie: Rick Scott and Scott Rick) give all the pro-wrestling hopefuls lessons and tips to get them in the ring at a reasonably inexpensive price, especially compared to other area wrestling schools. Attendees will be getting a lot of attention from their trainers, who will be brutally honest with their students on what they need to do to improve their technique and advance their careers. Learning safety is a priority of course. The student showcase shows are an absolute blast to watch.

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