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Powerage Amp & Electronic Repair

So your favorite amp's on the fritz. You jiggle the connections, mess with the tubes for the thousandth time, mutter a few curse words, and finally decide to bite the bullet, gather up your pennies, and get the damn thing fixed. You take it to the old dude at the chain store who says he once worked on an amp for Don Dokken's cousin's uncle's manager's band. He looks it over and nonchalantly tells you "I can fix it" before you've even been able to fully explain what's wrong. Two weeks later you get the amp back and it's got the same problem only not quite as bad. Plus, you got charged what your gut tells you is too much, but your non-mechanical mind can't validate. As you strain to load your amp into your trunk, you wonder about those hidden places where all the people go who "know where to go." (Sigh.) If only you were one of those people. Off 880 in East Oakland, Powerage is the type of unpretentious, straightforward, professional repair shop that will fix or modify just about anything, new or vintage, at shockingly reasonable prices. The store will give you top-quality work whether you're in a national touring band or just some dude jamming in your rec room, and you won't have to sit through the guess-what-lameass-band's-amp-I-worked-on spiel to get it.
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