Best Place to Get Started Skateboarding

Soda Hall

It's not entirely legal, but that's part of the appeal, isn't it? If you wanted to take part in a sport with clear lines and structure, you would be playing shuffleboard. But the right mind-set is only part of the game if you want to start skating but are not yet ready to take it to the skate park. After all, you won't get up to speed if you're afraid to get rolling. So you need a place without a lot of looky-loos. The Cal campus fits the bill, if you're willing to get up early or stay out late. Of course, we can't recommend doing anything that is against the law, but there is something pretty effervescent in getting four wheels on the hilly ground near Soda Hall. Better bring your textbooks, too — if an officer of the law catches you, maybe he'll buy your excuse that you were on the way to the library and the skateboard just fell out.

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