Best Place to Get Dim Sum

East Ocean Seafood Restaurant

We love Oakland's functional, distinctly non-touristy Chinatown as much as the next person, but it's no joke trying to deal with the parking and the long lines — to say nothing of getting trampled by aggressive har gow hunting grannies — during the weekend dim sum rush. Besides, the best dim sum in the area is in sleepy Alameda, at East Ocean Seafood Restaurant, where you'll find better-than-solid versions of all the classics: pork buns, steamed rice rolls, egg tarts and, of course, the aforementioned lovely translucent shrimp-filled dumplings known as har gow. There's fast turnover on the push carts, so everything's nice and fresh-tasting, and the cooks have a light touch with the sauces and the grease level. Best of all, there's plenty of easy street parking, and, even at eleven o'clock on a Sunday morning, there's rarely too long of a wait.

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