Best Place to Eat Spam

Mac's Wok

Westerners get a kick out of the crazy mishmash of East and West on the menu at Mac's Wok (formerly Jac's Asian Bistro, at a new location): the pork cutlets served over cheesy baked spaghetti a la Chef Boyardee, the noodle soup topped with sliced hot dogs, the seemingly-out-of-place sides of garlic bread and borscht. But for anyone who grew up in Hong Kong, the food at Mac's Wok is classic diner fare — comfort food in the purest sense. Perhaps the one ingredient that best embodies the wacky hybrid of cultures you'll find at this kind of Hong Kong-style "tea diner" is Spam, that most maligned of processed meats. At Mac's Wok, Spam is used in all kinds of dishes — in sandwiches, over rice — but the spam and egg noodle soup is an HK classic. It's a combination of flavors that's surprising and slightly trashy, but — once you taste it — entirely logical.

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