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Urban Ore

Like an unnaturally preserved housing fixture that looks like it came off of a Boris Karloff set, Urban Ore withstands the test of time as one of the few locations where you can find, well, just about anything. From brass housing fixtures to Kafkaesque decorations, knick-knacks to dusty cassettes, you'll find plenty of items to fulfill your secret wish to turn your apartment into a scene from Burning Man. You could also go for something more modest, but where's the fun in that? For the uninitiated, Urban Ore is housed in a giant warehouse in South Berkeley, so if you're in need of some light reading material or around-the-house lounging wear, they've got that, too. What really brings it all home, though, is the business' commitment to zero waste policies. Any organization that is dedicated to total recycling surely deserves commendation for doing their fair, eco-friendly share.

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