Best Pain Au Chocolat

Feel Good Bakery

A good chocolate croissant — pain au chocolat to the Francophile — is one of life's great luxuries. Connoisseurs care about both the croissant (which shouldn't just be limp, vaguely butter-flavored bread) and the chocolate filling (which should be dispersed somewhat evenly and not just one big hard hunk). Alameda's Feel Good Bakery is the only place we know of in the East Bay that does a stellar job on both components: The croissant has a shatteringly crisp and flaky outer shell and a nice chewy interior; the chocolate inside is just right — slightly softened and exceedingly rich. If you're very lucky your pain au chocolat will still be a little bit warm. And if you're very careful, maybe the flaky shards won't fly all over the place (though we'll admit we're in the habit of picking those oh-so-buttery bits off our shirts and eating them anyway).

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