Best Outdoor Refuge

Lake Merritt

As sunnier months make us tear away layers of clothing in exchange for copious amounts of sunscreen, there's really no better place to get your essential summer mixture of Vitamin D and alcohol than the Fairyland side of Lake Merritt. Instead of doing that pesky underwater BART commute to Dolores Park, prepare for the liberating experience that is public drinking in the backyard of Oakland. Head out on a warm day and you won't be alone, as the practice of catching sun with an alcoholic sidekick on the shores near Children's Fairyland has become a regular pastime for everyday Oaklanders. Transcending those stodgy Prohibitionist-era norms while breaking free of the alienation inherent to life within the confines of our private indoor partitions, you're guaranteed to enjoy one of the most pleasurable of all summertime activities.

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