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Chanco Housewares and Restaurant Supply

Whether you are a restaurateur or like to pretend to be one, you can find everything from lacquer bento boxes to teapots and mason jars at this new housewares and restaurant supply store. Even the occasional home cook can go to town in this shop, in what used to be Oriental Market on the edge of Oakland Chinatown and downtown. The place opened a year ago and is locally owned. You'll find everything you need for your kitchen — all the basic restaurant supplies — plus specialized Asian cooking gadgets (large food grade plastic bins to make bucketloads of kimchi? Rice cooker?). Your mind will be boggled by all the possibilities. Throw a cooking party! Start your own pop-up! A friendly, knowledgeable staff and neat aisles of porcelain wares, cooking utensils, bowls, cups, and other cooking tools adds to the appeal. Many of their items are made from glass, stainless steel, wood, bamboo, and other non-plastic materials.

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