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Yoga to the People

If you've never tried yoga before, Yoga to the People is a great place to start. The yoga chain emphasizes an accepting and nonjudgmental environment, and the instructors encourage you to challenge your body in a way that's rigorous but not as harsh as running on a treadmill. Its two locations in downtown Berkeley — one for hot yoga and another for vinyasa — offer sixty-minute classes, with four classes offered per day. At hot yoga, the studio is heated to more than 100 degrees in order to maximize detoxification and intensity, and the class focuses on breathing and developing strength, flexibility, and balance. Don't worry if you're no yogi; it's open to beginners. The hot vinyasa class, inspired by Ashtanga yoga teacher Bryan Kest, is more intense, with a concentration on body, breath, and movement. Best of all, since Yoga to the People's classes are donation-based — the suggested price is $8-$10 — you can afford to go all day long.

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