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Cafe Biere

For the true night owl, the emerging cracks of sunlight on the eastern horizon are about as welcome as the hangover that follows that long, hard night of boozing or partying. But the party does not have to end when that pesky sun comes to ruin what was, hopefully, a wonderful evening of play. Just drag yourself out of bed and on over to Cafe Biere for its weekend brunch, where Nineties hip-hop bumps loudly before noon, and the booze flows like the Russian River after a thick winter snow melt. For a mere $13 (hang with me), Cafe Biere delivers "bottomless mimosas" made with an array of fresh fruits — flavors that include aloe, guava, strawberry, and, of course, orange. And while you're shaking your booty to Tupac's "California Love" and drinking your fifth mimosa, satisfy your appetite with a tasty omelet or scramble, served with thick, seasoned roasted potatoes and a fresh salad for about $10. Just remember: You have to sleep sometime.

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