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Grand Fare

When Doug Washington took over the space formerly known as the Indonesian art gallery-slash-café Monkey Forest Road, he employed a curatorial rubric that turned out to be quite reliable: his own personal taste. Washington pinned his wife Freya Prowe's art to the walls, stocked the bar with beans from his favorite coffee company, Linea, gathered some upmarket retro sofas and sheepskin throws, and pulled it all together with one bright orange shag rug. Grand Fare was designed to evoke an older school of coffee house culture, forsaking Wi-Fi and quick-fire service for a relaxed, living room feel that encourages more talking than texting. Grand Fare is an evolving concept, and will eventually add a marketplace — lining the periphery with artisan foodstuffs— as well as seats and heating for the outdoor patio. It's a custom-fit, cozy den.

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