Best K-12 Teacher

Nancy Boyles

The cacophony of a middle-school band is nothing compared to the chaos of Nancy Boyles' schedule. The 24-year veteran band teacher starts her mornings at the crack of dawn to get the King Middle School concert band up and running by 7:30. Then she gets in her car and continues on to three other schools in the Berkeley Unified School District. If you have ever been a teenager yourself, which you may no longer wish to admit, then you are intimately aware of the zombie-like haze in which teenagers move around in the morning; you know the drive of their survivalist instinct to not part with a single ounce of sleep. Keeping a fully functional and kinda fabulous band of 75 teenagers motivated to attend before-school rehearsals at 7:30 a.m. every morning of the school year is an incredible feat. Almost as miraculous is that the band plays in tune. 

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