Best Indie Gamemaker

Will Wright

It's a pretty cool time for East Bay video game designer Will Wright. The creator of SimCity, The Sims, and Spore started out as a two-man shop in 1989, making the first mass-market city simulator. Wright went on to witness the rise of the billion-dollar gaming industry, from its hobbyist roots to games with budgets of tens of millions of dollars and staffs of hundreds. Today, developments like Facebook and smartphones have undermined blockbuster gaming, allowing visionary teams of one and two to have a huge impact again. After leaving Electronic Arts, Wright co-founded the East Bay think tank Stupid Fun Club, which provides "ideas and creative solutions" for the gaming industry and others. So far, it has re-designed the ant farm and created new screenplay software. But we know Wright has got some more games in him, and the world has never been more ready for them.

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