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Vik's Chaat Corner

It was a little more than a year ago that Amod Chopra oversaw the relocation of Vik's, the Indian chaat shop his parents, Vinod and Indira Chopra, launched in their garagelike West Berkeley market warehouse back in 1989. The expanded restaurant might be no more than a few blocks away from the original Vik's Chaat House, but Vik's Chaat Corner feels like a new universe. Maybe the best part: Instead of going sleeker, fancier, or more fusion-y, the Chopras managed to keep the unpretentious, concrete-lined character of the original, important since the food coming out of the kitchen tries to stay faithful to the Indian street. Vik's pani puri — puffed crisps you fill with tamarind water — are still the best in town, lamb baida roti (sort of like Chinese green onion pancakes filled with meat stew) are consistently well made, the chicken biryani puts other local versions to shame, and the lassis are unerringly tasty.

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